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In November, Ningbo Shiteng Metal Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was registered and established

In January, Ningbo Jiangdong Keyang Star Office Equipment Co., Ltd. was registered and established



In May, Ningbo Siteng was renamed as "Ningbo Siteng Holdings Co., Ltd."

In April, the general manager and core employees of the subsidiary implemented equity incentive, and proposed that the subsidiary should achieve "small but beautiful, 100 people group", with the total goal of "over 1,000 subsidiaries and output value over 10 billion"; 12 subsidiaries in that year



In October, the e-commerce platform, Jingdong and Tmall platforms were launched

In September, I organized the general manager to go abroad for investigation

In July, organized the first "World Teng Holding Supplier Conference"



In August, we began to pilot the amoeba business model in some subsidiaries

In April, Shiteng Holdings won the first batch of "provincial Supply chain innovation and application pilot enterprises" in Zhejiang Province



At the fourth Cultural Ambassador Conference in 2023, we focused on the theme of "Staying true to the original aspiration to expand enterprise construction". The content of the conference covers the company's cultural development, staff training and market development and other important topics, aiming to continuously inherit and carry forward the original aspiration of the enterprise through joint discussion and cooperation, and help the enterprise to develop better.

Let us gather our wisdom and strength to contribute to the future of the company together!



The 2024 Annual Work Report Conference, which will focus on the theme of "Global Development Trade". We will summarize and review the achievements of the past year, and discuss how to expand trade around the world and promote the development and cooperation of enterprises. Let's share our experience, deepen our cooperation, and jointly create new business opportunities!