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Enhancing Road Safety: Introducing the Versatile Safety Roller Barrier

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Enhancing Road Safety: Introducing the Versatile Safety Roller Barrier


Is safety roller barrier loading?

300 meters roller barrier material loading and shipping to Philippines, the goods will arrived on Manila port. The roller barrier is popular in Philippines and other Asian country. Every year, we export over 100 containers material .

The safety roller barrier can be used as road side guardrail, central divider guardrail, or as bridge guardrail for small Bridges, passageways and culverts.

What is the safety roller barrier/ rolling guardrail?

Rolling guardrail is mainly composed of roller,cross beam,turning circle,square buckle,reflective tape,U connecting frame,terminal ,bolts and nuts.And the pure polyurethane roller is high-density polyurethane material has far better resilience and collision resistance. With bright color:the bright yellow color is used to attract the attention of drivers, and the super reflective belt is used to increase the visual sense and make it clear at night than EVA material, effectively reducing accidents.For the steel parts, are high quality carbon steel material and hot dip galvanized anti-corrosive treatment, solid foundation, anti - rust and waterproof.

Working Characteristics

1.Safety roller barrier shortens spacing,strengthens of guardrail.

2.Roller can easily absorb impact force of vehicles,and easily adjust driving vehicles into correct direction.It is best utilized in sites where vehicles are frequently exposed to accidents.It will safely lead a vehicle back onto the road or completely stop it by absorbing the shock energy through spinning rollers during an accident.Noticeable to drivers due to noticeable coloration and self-luminescence.It will minimize casualties on people and vehicles by absorbing collision shock.

3.Beautiful appearance: bright colors pay the role of warning, reflective tape can easily warn the drivers at night.

4.Easy installation improved working efficiency.

5.Excellent performance such as hot-resistance,cold-resistance,aging-resistance,corrosion resistance,oil resistance,radiation resistance,wear resistance,acid-alkaline resistance ect.

6.Decades of life.

7.Working temperature:-60℃—70℃.

Where the Safety roller barrier used?

Areas of frequent accident ,such as bridge,highway,tunnel,medial strip,a sudden turning zone or complicated road junction.

Enhancing Road Safety: Introducing the Versatile Safety Roller Barrier

Enhancing Road Safety: Introducing the Versatile Safety Roller Barrier